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Flow Racks

Carton Flow Storage Equipment optimizes one of the most labor intensive operations in a warehouse or distribution center, order picking. Carton flow combines excellent space utilization and FIFO inventory control. Carton flow is essential for managing perishable and time sensitive products in high density storage areas.


A Carton Flow Storage System can be supplied as a stand along structure or designed to be implemented into an existing pallet rack system. Flow rails can be provided in full width roller conveyors for heavier, bulkier items, or plastic wheels with divider rails that are more suited to lighter loads or pick areas that get reconfigured quite often. Pick shelves can be supplied with knuckled ends to offer greater visibility to the picking carton and more accurate picks. Carton flow tracks can be designed to sit on top of existing pallet rack beams providing complete flexibility for reslotting or nested within the pallet rack beams to maximize the number of pick levels per face.


In addition to increased efficiency, a carton flow storage system allows for FIFO inventory, reduces handling costs, and can achieve up to 100% more product storage than selective rack systems or conventional shelving.